The Story of Zaytoon’s Food Blog

Zaytoon’s Food Blog is run by my, Charlie “Zaytoon” Sanchez, who has a love for food, especially Middle Eastern cuisines. I decided to start this blog to document my passion for food, sharing my favourite recipes and how-to-guides.

My goal is simple: to be able to open my own restaurant one day! Through this blog, I will strive to always bring you new interesting and helpful content, whether it be recipes, industry-related tips and tricks, or just a casual chat about my history!

Zaytoon’s Food Blog has a unique perspective on all things from the industry, and I hope to provide readers with an insight into the complex world of hospitality.

Follow along as I share my journey with Zaytoon’s Food Blog, and join in the conversation about all things related to the hospitality industry. I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks for being part of the Zaytoon’s family – your support is always appreciated!


Charlie “Zaytoon” Sanchez