Welcome to the Zaytoon’s Food Blog!

Zaytoon’s Food Blog is an independently run foodies blog by Charlie “Zaytoon” Sanchez . I have everything from basic recipes, to blogs about how to get into the Hospitality industry! 

My love for food came from my mother’s cooking. Every night, she would ask if I’d like to help her in the kitchen. I always felt very privileged being able to help her make delicious meals for our family. Throughout my adolescent and early adult life, I’ve indulged myself in experimental cooking and baking, and have started blogging about my passion for food. I love anything to do with being in the kitchen and helping other people. 

My dream is to one day open my own restaurant, focusing on authentic Middle Eastern dishes like the ones I used to help my mother with in the kitchen as a boy.

I hope this blog can be both insightful and informative to you on your own food journey. Let me know if you have any how-to or recipe requests and I will do my best to make it happen!