Serving Your Love For Food For Years To Come

When you talk about comfort food and fresh produce, what comes to your mind? We, at Zaytoon Restaurant, take pride in delivering that image you just had. Not only is our food steaming hot when we lay it out on the table, but also the kind of taste you would be expecting back home. How are we so confident of what we do? Our customers are not people we serve one day and never see again. We build relationships and connect over the love for food. That is why we will continue to serve you as well for years to come.

We are not exotic. By that we mean to signify how our food is sourced from fresh local produce and seasonal goodness. We refuse to serve frozen junk. We believe in food being healthy and loaded with the goodness and comfort of home-cooked meals. The next time you miss your Mamma, make sure to drop by and cherish that lasagna.

We understand that eating out could be special for you. This is why we have customized menus for people who love food with a difference. We serve food with smiles that will keep you coming back to us. Whether you pick the lunch bowl or the dinner platter, you will never miss home when you let us serve you for the day.