Our Dishes

We take great pride in our dishes. We’ve done a twist on some great aussie classics. We guarantee you will love it!

  1. Pavlova

A dish claimed their own by both Aussies and the New Zealanders, this is one dessert no native can resist; for that matter nobody can. It is named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova.

It is a meringue based dessert with a crispy crusty exterior and soft interior filled with whipped cream and topped with fruits like kiwi fruits, strawberries and passion fruit. The ingredients include egg whites, caster sugar, vinegar, cornflour and vanilla essence.



  1. Chiko roll

It is a on-the-move savoury similar to a Chinese spring roll. The roll consists of grated cabbage, celery, barley, carrot, green beans, beef, beef tallow and onion. This filling is pulped and ensconced in a pastry covering and deep fried in oil.



  1. Meat pie

A beer in one hand and a meat pie in the other is the easiest way to identify an Australian. This is by far one of the most popular dishes in every restaurant and take away joint in Australia. This handy pie is filled with minced meat, gravy, mushroom, onions and sometime even cheese; a perfect takeaway for every Aussie who loves meat.



  1. Lamington

This dish is akin to a cultural icon in Queensland and it has a national day devoted to it. It is named after Lord Lamington who had created it for the first time in the 19th century. A Lamington is basically a sponge cake cut into squares and coated with a layer of chocolate or raspberry sauce and then rolled in desiccated coconut. This is left to set for some time for the texture to develop along with the unique flavour and taste. A common variant is the use of strawberry jam or cream between two lamington halves.


  1. Sausage rolls

The Australians like their sausages wrapped with a crispy pastry sheet and oven baked unlike others world over. There are several variants available too.